It’s Not Just The OJ That Needs A Makeover

Captain Citrus, the face of Florida orange juice, has gotten a make over….

What Florida really needs to do is make over the whole state.  I lived there for 13 years, five of which were spent unemployed because I got fired from my job at Arby’s in Titusville, FL due to being a lesbian.  The company then blackballed me so I could not get a job in Florida at all; and to add insult to injury, tried to use their actions to get me in trouble with DCF.  Sadly, what they did to me is not illegal in the state of Florida…

I blame Florida for the break up of my family.  I am so glad to be back in Iowa, where people are not idiots.  I am never leaving again.


illum-tangendo asked:

Hi, I have no idea if you can help me but even if you can't maybe others can. I have a little mouse living in my home and I really don't want to hurt it to remove it from here. My dad agreed not to kill it when he comes home later this week but it's ideal that I deal with it myself. It's pooping everywhere and eating food that's out, not to mention it got into my sugar glider's food supply and made a mess! Any idea how I can catch it and relocate it and soon? Thanks in advance!

st00pid-vegunz answered:

Hey! I’ll publish this to see if anyone has more tips, but when i was younger, my mum always used to catch them with a humane trap (the one we had was a container they would get in to get food, but they wouldn’t be able to get out) and we’d release them away from the house. I’m not sure if that was what was best for the mice though, so anyone feel free to weigh in!!

What a cheeky, eating sugar glider food jeez.


You can use a humane mouse trap, it comes with tips on humanely relocating mice/rats :) -